Paul Jeater is standing for General Election in Brentwood & Ongar Constituancy

4 November 2019

People worried about climate change should vote for the Green Party in next month's general election.

That’s the clear message from Paul Jeater, the Greens Party’s Prospective Parliamentary candidate for Brentwood & Ongar.

It comes in the wake of a national poll - conducted by Opinium - which showed 63% of people will take the climate crisis into account when casting their vote on 12th December. 

Speaking on the climate crisis Mr Jeater said: "This election will be one of the most important we have seen in the last hundred years. The Green Party are absolutely clear, we must tackle the climate crisis now, if not when? 

If voters’ priority is tackling climate change it makes absolute sense for them to vote Green.

Other parties may talk about green initiatives and make big promises but the Green Party is the only party you can trust on this issue.”

Paul Jeater added: "The Green Party has been speaking on this for many years. It’s clear that whoever wins this election could hold power until 2025 – that’s half the time we have left to tackle the climate emergency. We can’t trust the Conservatives or Labour, with their awful records on the environment. Only the Green Party has a consistent record on the climate crisis. Every Green vote shows that you’re with us, working for the common good. It’s time to vote Green.”

Notes to Editor

  • Paul Jeater, the prospective Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brentwood & Ongar. Paul lives in Ingatestone and is heavily involved with the local community there. He has lived in the borough since 1991 and taught Politics and History in a Brentwood secondary school for 20 years.
  • Paul Jeater is currently Chair/Coordinator of Eastern Region Green Party.
  • For further information contact Paul at: . 07889232042 @essexwomble