Steve Betteridge is Green Party Candidate for Maldon in General Election

31 May 2017

The Green Party candidate for the 2017 General Election, in Maldon Constituency, is Steve Betteridge


Steve says:

We have a duty to equip our children with the education they will need to build a better world than the one we are leaving them. We need to ensure that the planet they inherit has clean air and rivers and green spaces. Only the Green Party puts our planet at the centre of its policies.  

Our NHS must be protected. We must build homes that are affordable and bring empty homes back into use before we build on green spaces. 

Our schools must have proper funding. Young people need meaningful work. Students are saddled with huge debts to start their working lives with. 

An Extreme Brexit threatens our health, environment, animal welfare and workers’ rights.  We want to give people back control and allow them to have the final say over whether to accept any Brexit deal.