Essex Green Party stands in County Council Elections - in May 2017

11 April 2017

On 4th May 2017 County Council elections – there will be another big Green slate in Essex


Manifesto launch 7pm on Thursday 13th April outside County Hall Chelmsford


As in 2013, the Green Party in 2017 will be standing candidates in the majority of seats in Essex. There are 54 Green Party candidates in Essex and a Green presence in all 12 local authority areas with full slates in Braintree District, Maldon District, Chelmsford City, Brentwood Borough, Uttlesford District, Colchester Borough and Tendring District council areas.


Nationally the Greens are standing a record 1,561 candidates and have this year easily overtaken UKIP’s total.


In 2013 there were 4 Green Party principal authority councillors in Essex sitting on 2 authorities. The Greens in Essex now hold 8 seats on 4 authorities.


The number of Green Party members is now over three times higher than it was in 2013.


As in 2013, at this election the Greens are setting out realistic targets – to hold the 2 current County seats in Rochford and Braintree Districts and to make good progress in new target areas. The Greens also pledge to again work across party lines at County Hall to achieve reform of the authority and to secure improvements for local communities.



Green Party Essex County Council candidate numbers by local authority area


Basildon 1 (9)

Braintree 8 (8)

Brentwood 4 (4)

Castle Point 1 (5)

Chelmsford 9 (9)

Colchester 9 (9)

Epping Forest 2 (7)

Harlow 2 (4)

Maldon 3 (3)

Rochford 3 (5)

Tendring 8 (8)

Uttlesford 4 (4)


Total 54 (75)


The Essex Green Party Manifesto was launched outside County Hall Chelmsford on Thursday 13th April at 7pm. The Manifesto can be supplied on request via e-mail and photos will be available for those not able to attend.

The campaign theme is “Supporting local communities and protecting our shared environment”

For further information:


Contact Cllr. James Abbott

01376 584576

07951 923073