Stop the Closure of Chelmsford Outdoor swimming pool

5 July 2015

Stop the Closure of Chelmsford Outdoor swimming pool

So when is a cut not a cut? When it's a refurbishment!


Our much loved and greatly used outdoor pool will now close permanently. Diving boards will not be part of the new building. And the new indoor swimming pool will be smaller than our current one. The council must urgently rethink these proposals. At a time of much concern about health and increasing levels of obesity, these cuts have the potential to cost us far more in the long run.


Chelmsford Greens strongly oppose these cuts, and have started an on-line petition to save our outdoor pool and the city's diving facilities. You can find the link via our Facebook page or directly sign the petition here on our website


Also - you can see please see our Facebook page here for more details on the petition as well


Many of us have many happy childhood memories of the old outdoor pool, and it is greatly saddening to think that the chance to swim outdoors in the city will now be denied to Chelmsford's children.