General Election Green Party of Essex News 2015

13 February 2015

The Essex Green Party stood a record 15 candidates (out of 18 constituencies) in Essex at the May 7th 2015 General Election.

In May 2015, we achieved our most numbers of votes in a General Election and achieved its best results ever in a national election.

Support for the Green Party nationally has been increasing and membership numbers has been surging prior to this election and subsequently.

In the 2015 UK Parliamentary General Election, Caroline Lucas and the Green Party retained the constituency seat of Brighton Pavilion.

In the UK Parliamentary General Election of 2010, the Green Party was very happy to have won its first seat in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament.

The Green Party leader, Caroline Lucas, won the Brighton Pavilion seat.

The election of the first ever Green to Parliament in 2010 represented a truly historic moment. Hundreds of thousands of Green voters across the country now had, for the first time, a voice in Parliament. Her re-election in 2015 means that genuinely progressive views on issues such as the economy, health, and the environment will continue to be heard.