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You can contact the Local Party Enquiry Contact and Co-ordinator - Paul Jeater:

07889 232 042

80 The Furlongs, Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 0AJ.


You can contact the Press Officer for Chelmsford - Tony Seaman:



You can contact the Press Officer for Brentwood - Paul Jeater:

07889 232 042



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Brentwood & Chelmsford Young Greens

Message from Tom Bolitho :

"The Young Greens are the autonomous national youth and student wing of the Green Party, which aims to connect young people of the party together to see political change. We've grown to over 6000 members nationally, increasing by over 100% in the last year alone.

Obviously if you are under 30, and have confirmed this when signing up to the Green Party with the Green Party Office, you’re already a Young Green on a national level, but any member under 30 or student of any age can join. At this stage, I would also welcome interest from supporters or interested individuals too, without the need to be members.

The meetings would likely be quarterly, and not too intense. I’d also want to help out with the targeted ward/s in elections if at all possible. I think we could have real impact locally, especially with collaboration with the Brentwood and Chelmsford Green Party. "

Please email with a simple expression of interest.

Many thanks,

Tom Bolitho


National Young Greens Treasurer & member of Brentwood and Chelmsford Green Party