Green Candidates

We are campaining across a number of wards in the 2019 Chelmsford City Council Elections. Our candidates are:

Peter FowlerPeter Fowler - Trinity

I am a retired teacher who joined the Green Party nearly two years ago. I play the guitar and write my own songs; I also write poetry.

I have been campaigning in the ward (Trinity Ward) for a year, but even though there have been changes, they are not nearly enough. I really feel that I need to be able to influence those decisions that are made that have an impact on the whole ward. The only way to do that is to become a local councillor.

As I have worked hard to improve the local area, and have the skills and experience good councillor, I know and understand local issues of the ward and I think I am best-placed to do the best for local residents and the area.

Sarah ClarkSarah Clark - Broomfield and the Walthams

I’m a married Mum with 2 kids at Broomfield Primary School. I’ve been a gardener in the village since 2013 for local residents who can vouch for my honesty, hard work & commitment to them. I finished my postgrad MSc Sustainability in Jan 2019 at Anglia Ruskin University which covered law, planning & development, waste & recycling, business, health & education.

I’ve spoken-out as a resident in council meetings including giving evidence to the inspector for the proposed New City Plan. I've written endlessly to my representatives about my concerns about our declining wildlife and insect species, plastic pollution, rail & bus prices & climate change. I realised very quickly that these issues are disregarded under a Conservative led Council. I want to get a Green seat for nature in the decision making room.

Ben Harvey

Ben Harvey - Trinity

I've lived in Chelmsford all my life. Born in St. John's hospital, I grew up in Chelmer Village and now live on Trinity Road. I love playing squash, a sport I've enjoyed since giving up football. You will often see me around walking my greyhound, Dougal.

I decided I was angry with Brexit as well as the terrible danger the planet is in from the effects of climate change. Green voices are needed at all levels of government. We need to challenge people at all levels and the current head of development for Chelmsford City Council believes that installing solar panels are bad for the environment!

I will fight for a fairer Chelmsford, one that looks after our poorest and makes sure that our future is sustainable.


Annette SwiftAnnette Swift - Broomfield and the Walthams

I came to Chelmsford to work at Broomfield hospital and set up a sleep apnoea clinic. I am a clinical physiologist with a career that started in Brighton and much experience gained in London and Bristol. I have lived in Broomfield for 3 years and am on the newly formed committee of the Broomfield Cottage Gardeners’ Society and also one of the Broomfield Birds!

It’s time to take responsibility for our environment, resources are not endless and we have abused the planet with our. We need to respect the animals and wildlife with increased animal welfare laws and careful and sustainable building planning to include areas for wildlife to thrive.



Angie FauldsAngela Faulds - Broomkfield and the Walthams

I am 59 years old and have lived in Broomfield since 1993. I am a recently retired primary school teacher and with the extra time I now have I would like to find ways to contribute to the community. My younger son has a severe learning disability and now lives in residential care but we share his care two days a week.

I volunteer as a parks volunteer with Chelmsford council and mostly do this volunteering on the Chelmer Valley Local Nature Reserve, which borders the ward.  I am very interested in environmental issues. I am very active in the Green party and believe there is no time to lose in acting locally, nationally and internationally in preventing catastrophic climate change.


Lloyd Williamson Lloyd Williamson - Moulsham & Central

I am a new Green Member looking to make a change. Currently I work in recruitment compliance, on weekends I’m ether running or attending LARP Events. For me life is about enjoying it to the upmost and finding happiness in whatever form this takes.  

Green have policies rather than vague promises, the were well thought out when compared to other manifestos. For real change to happen you must take the right path, not the easy one. I represent change and a voice for your view. I aim to listen to your queries, answer what I can, find an answer if I cannot.